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Innovative Technologies in Construction

Construction Uniforms

  • Smart boots: Smart boots can detect workers at risk of a collision with nearby construction vehicles equipped with sensors by walking.

  • Smart hard hat: By sensing brainwaves, smart hard hats can detect “microsleeps,” which put workers at risk of injury.

  • Power gloves: When worn on a worker’s hands, power gloves increase dexterity and strength, helping reduce overuse injuries.


Robots & Drones

  • Collaborative Robots: Collaborative robots can be used on a job site to ease the burden on a human companion by carrying tools or equipment, for example.

  • Topographic Maps Drone: During the pre-construction phase, aerial drones survey large amounts of land, reducing mapping costs by as much as 95%.


3 Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

  • Improved safety: Machine learning processes, software can analyze job site photos and identify risks and safety violations.

  • Decreased costs: Machine learning software can identify inefficiencies and propose more effective timelines.

  • Better design: Machine learning software can improve building design.


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