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Deck or Patio?: Consider this Before You Build

Which is Better?

When cost, flexibility, and long-term performance is considered patio maybe your best choice. Here are some facts about having a patio.

  • Masonry patios are less expensive than decks.

  • Patios usually require no building permits and have no zoning setback restrictions.

  • Patios require much less maintenance and cleaning compared with ground-contact decks.

  • Masonry patios are also hot-tub ready and require no additional foundation modifications.

  • There's a better ROI for a well-constructed patio than a ground-contact deck.


  1. When it comes to the cost of a deck, don't be cheap because it will cost you over time.

  2. Contract a company with good construction practices.

  3. Ensure that the design compliments your house, uses materials that works with your home's surroundings, and accommodates your family's outdoor needs.

  4. Choose a contractor that builds quality decks in a timely, dependable pace.

  5. Choose a contractor who respects your property and not leave the lawn littered with scrap materials, construction equipment, and leftovers from lunch.

Get Started

Okay, now that you've learned more about Decks and Patio's are you ready to build one for your home?

Call (301) 213-2555 or Click the Button Below to Schedule your FREE In-home consultation.

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