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Clean air is priceless.

TeaBow Residential is emerging as one of the leading licensed lead abatement and mold remediation companies in the District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia.



We are fully staffed with trained employees that safely remove mold and asbestos, remediate damaged contaminated areas both big and small.  Over 80% of homes in the United States built prior to 1978, lead based paint was a dangerous health hazard.  Many homes in Washington, DC and historical Virginia still may have remnants of lead-based paint.  We follow all Environmental Protection Agency lead, mold and asbestos guidelines to safely mitigate your issues.  


“TTeabow Residential is a great company to work with. They complete work in a timely manner, and have always kept me updated. Dr. Bowman is professional, well-informed, and, most importantly, he listens and works with you and gives you options to get what you want."
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